Genus Platysalta Moulds, 2012 Scrub-buzzers, scrub-clickers, Little Grass-buzzer
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Distribution: Throughout much of mainland inland Australia, including Queensland, New South Wales and Victoria (excluding the higher rainfall areas east of the Great Dividing Range) and eastern South Australia. Area of diversity: Northern New South Wales and southern Queensland, with two species found at several localities. Locality of highest diversity: Lake Broadwater (three species). List of species: Black Scrub-buzzer Platypsalta dubia (Goding and Froggatt, 1904) Surat Scrub-buzzer Platypsalta sp. (cf. dubia) Bulloak Scrub-buzzer Platypsalta sp. (cf. dubia) Brigalow Scrub-buzzer Platypsalta sp. (cf. dubia) Little Grass Buzzer Platypsalta sp. (cf. dubia) Broad-wing Scrub-clicker Platypsalta sp. (cf. dubia) Black Scrub-buzzer Platypsalta mixta (Distant, 1914) Northern Scrub-clicker Platypsalta sp. (cf. dubia) Black Casuarina Ticker Platypsalta sp. 361 Central Scrub-clicker Platypsalta sp. 271 database record
Currently known extent
Black Scrub-buzzer
Surat Scrub-buzzer
Bulloak Scrub-buzzer
Brigalow Scrub-buzzer
Little Grass Buzzer
Broad-wing Scrub-clicker
Black Casuarina Ticker
Central Scrub-clicker
Northern Scrub-clicker