Black Scrub-buzzer Platypsalta dubia (Goding and Froggatt, 1904)
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Previously known as Pauropsalta dubia. Includes Platypsalta mixta (Distant, 1914). Includes Pauropsalta stigmatica Distant, 1905. Species number (TNS): 261, 267. Fore wing length: 12–14 mm. Distribution and seasonality: Eastern Australia, west of the Great Dividing Range, from Morven east to near Tara in Queensland south through inland New South Wales to Kewell in Victoria and west to Lucindale in South Australia. Adults occur from November to February. Notable localities: Southwood National Park, Brewarrina, Wyalong, Goolgowi. Habitat: Semi-arid scrubland and woodland, including Brigalow- dominated woodland. Calling song and behaviour: A soft, high-pitched, ticking song, with regular acceleration making the ticks almost combine towards the end of each phrase. Adults sit on the stems of shrubs and small trees. Similar species: Surat Scrub-buzzer. database record
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