Broad-wing Scrub-clicker Platypsalta sp. (cf. dubia)
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Previously referred to as Pauropsalta dubia. Species number (TNS): 265. Fore wing length: 13–15 mm. Distribution and seasonality: Inland Queensland, from near Augathella east to Edungalba and south to Chinchilla, Tara and Lake Broadwater. Adults may be present from November to March. Notable localities: Jondaryan, Chinchilla, Captains Mountain. Habitat: Scrubland and woodland, particularly areas dominated by Brigalow (Acacia harpophylla) and other acacias. Calling song and behaviour: Begins with high-pitched clicking and this continues as wing- snapping is introduced to the call, giving it a louder, ventriloquial effect. Adults sit on the branches and stems of small trees and shrubs. Similar species: Black Scrub-buzzer, Surat Scrub-buzzer. database record
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