Bulloak Scrub-buzzer Platypsalta sp. (cf.dubia)
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Species number (TNS): 262. Fore wing length: 11–14 mm. Distribution and seasonality: Known from near Miles and near Millmerran in south-east Queensland and the Moree district of northern New South Wales. Adults occur from September to December. Notable localities: Possum Park, Columboola, Biniguy. Habitat: Woodland where it is typically found in association with Bulloak (Allocasuarina leuhmanni). Calling song and behaviour: A short, metallic "zeeep" uttered regularly every second. Singing occurs in bright sunshine. Adults sit on the main trunks of Bulloak and other trees, and sometimes on grass. Similar species: Brigalow Scrub Buzzer, Little Grass Buzzer.
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