Little Grass Buzzer Platypsalta sp. (cf.dubia)
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Previously referred to as Cicadetta mixta, which is now considered to be a different species (see Platypsalta dubia). Species number (TNS): 264. Fore wing length: 12–15 mm. Distribution and seasonality: West of the Great Dividing Range from near Dalby in south- east Queensland south-west to Brewarrina and south to Barmedman in inland New South Wales. Adults emerge after rainfall between November and April. Notable localities: Jondaryan, Lake Broadwater, Brewarrina (M. Moulds), Moree (M. Coombs), Wyalong. Habitat: This is an open grassland and grassy woodland species. Calling song and behaviour: A drawn-out buzz, which increases in volume as it proceeds. Each phrase is repeated after an interval of approximately four seconds. Adults sit on the stems of grasses. Similar species: Bulloak Scrub-buzzer. database record
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