Genus Macrotristria Stål, 1870 Cherrynoses, screamers, steamers and whiners
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Distribution: Throughout Australia with the exception of the most arid areas and the cooler climates of the Australian Capital Territory, Victoria, Tasmania and southwest Western Australia. Area of diversity: North-eastern Australia, with up to three species found at several localities. Locality of highest diversity: Herberton (four species). List of species: Cherrynose Macrotristria angularis (Germar, 1834) Corroboree Cicada Macrotristria bindalia Burns, 1964 Darwin Whiner Macrotristria doddi Ashton, 1912 Little Whiner Macrotristria dorsalis Ashton, 1912 Kimberley Whiner Macrotristria douglasi Burns, 1964 Western Whiner Macrotristria extrema (Distant, 1892) Northern Steamer Macrotristria frenchi (Distant, 1892) Tiger Cherrynose Macrotristria godingi Distant, 1907 Derby Whiner Macrotristria hieroglyphicalis (Kirkaldy, 1909) Corroboree Cicada Macrotristria intersecta (Walker, 1850) Black Cherrynose Macrotristria kabikabia Burns, 1964 Deafening Cherrynose Macrotristria kathhillodes Olive 2022 Coastal Whiner Macrotristria kulungura Burns, 1964 Cape York Cherrynose Macrotristria lachlani Moulds, 1992 False Cherrynose Macrotristria maculicollis Ashton, 1914 Maranoa Cherrynose Macrotristria monteithi Moulds, 2022 Shoalwater Cherrynose Macrotristria stevewilsoni Popple, 2016 Green Cherrynose Macrotristria sylvara (Distant, 1901) False Drummer Macrotristria thophoides Ashton, 1914 Jardine River Cherrynose Macrotristria vittata Moulds, 1992 Kimberley Whiner Macrotristria worora Burns, 1964 database record
Currently known extent
Deafening Cherrynose
Darwin Whiner
Little Whiner
Western Whiner
Tiger Cherrynose
Derby Whiner
Corroboree Cicada
Coastal Whiner
False Cherrynose
Green Cherrynose
Northern Steamer
False Drummer
Kimberley Whiner
Shoalwater Cherrynose
Cape York Cherrynose
Jardine River Cherrynose
Maranoa Cherrynose
Black Cherrynose