Green Cherrynose Macrotristria sylvara (Distant, 1901)
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Other name(s): Northern Cherrynose. Species number (TNS): 056. Fore wing length: 48–62 mm. Distribution and seasonality: Coastal northern Queensland, from the islands of the Torres Strait south to Pormpuraaw on the Gulf coast (P. Buosi and C. Kahler) and Ingham on the east coast. Adults occur from December to March. Notable localities: Cooktown, Ellis Beach, Cairns. Habitat: Coastal bushland, open forest and parkland. Calling song and behaviour: A strong continuous rattling call, interspersed with sequences of fluctuating pulses or revving. Tiger Cherrynose has a near identical call. Adults sit on the upper branches of eucalypts and other large native and exotic trees. Colour variation: Live specimens are bright green with yellow markings, but these colours tend to fade after death. Similar species: Tiger Cherrynose. database record
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