Corroboree Cicada Macrotristria intersecta (Walker, 1850)
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Includes Macrotristria bindalia Burns, 1964 Other name(s): Green Whizzer. Species number (TNS): 053, 054, 068. Fore wing length: 31–43 mm. Distribution and seasonality: From the Kimberley region in north-west Western Australia, through the top half of the Northern Territory and into Queensland, where it occurs from the Torres Strait islands and Cape York south to Mt. Isa in the west and the Dawson Highway in the east. Adults may be present from September to February. Notable localities: Kununurra, Gregory River National Park, Victoria River, Darwin, Mt Isa, Weipa, Cairns, Bowen, Gladstone. Habitat: Tropical bushland, open forest, woodland and parkland. Calling song and behaviour: A harsh, fizzing whine with a continuous component followed by a persistent pulsing component. Adults sit on the main trunks, upper branches and stems of trees and shrubs. Colour variation: Varies widely in colour from green to brown and also orange and black. Similar species: Little Whiner, Coastal Whiner, Western Whiner. database record
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