Genus Burbunga Distant, 1905 Bark cicadas, screamer and whiners
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Distribution: The dryer parts of mainland Australia, including much of Western Australia, the Northern Territory, South Australia, Queensland and New South Wales. Absent from the south-west corner of Western Australia and all of Victoria, apart from the far north-west. Area of diversity: Relatively uniform throughout, with one to two species in most localities. List of species: Pale Spinifex Cicada Burbunga albofasciata Distant, 1907 Western Screamer Burbunga aterrima (Distant, 1914) Western Bark Cicada Burbunga gilmorei (Distant, 1882) Desert Screamer Burbunga hillieri (Distant, 1907) Western Screamer Burbunga inornata Distant, 1905 Mareeba Bark Cicada Burbunga mouldsi Olive, 2012 Charcoal Screamer Burbunga nanda (Burns, 1964) Floury Bark Cicada Burbunga nigrosignata (Distant 1904) South-western Whiner Burbunga occidentalis (Distant, 1912) Small Northern Bark Cicada Burbunga parva Moulds, 1994 Queensland Bark Cicada Burbunga queenslandica Moulds, 1994 database record
Currently known extent
Queensland Bark Cicada
Mareeba Bark Cicada
Western Bark Cicada
Desert Screamer
Small Northern Bark Cicada
South-western Whiner
Floury Bark Cicada
Charcoal Screamer