Queensland Bark Cicada Burbunga queenslandica Moulds, 1994
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Species number (TNS): 026. Fore wing length: 20–26 mm. Distribution and seasonality: Dryer areas, from Mount Garnet in north Queensland south to Broke in central New South Wales and extending well into the west of both states. Adults are present from October to March. Notable localities: Mount Garnet (J. Olive), Anstead, Jondaryan, Narrabri. Habitat: Populations occur in open woodland, particularly ironbark and box eucalypt woodland. Calling song and behaviour: A monotonous, clean buzz. It can be emitted for long periods at any time of day. Adults prefer to sit in bark furrows in ironbarks or other dark-barked trees. Similar species: Mareeba Bark Cicada, Western Bark Cicada.
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