Fence Buzzer Myopsalta mackinlayi (Distant, 1882)
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Previously often referred to as Notopsalta atrata. Species number (TNS): 281, 681. Fore wing length: 15–18 mm. Distribution and seasonality: From near Moranbah in central inland Queensland south and east to the south-western parts of Brisbane and along the western fringes of the Great Dividing Range in New South Wales and east into the drier western suburbs of Sydney at its southern limit. A widely occurring species that is especially prevalent in south- eastern Queensland in the Darling Downs and valleys west of Brisbane. Adults are present from September to March. Notable localities: Miles, Gatton, Stanthorpe, Camden. Habitat: Open woodland, edges of open forest and paddocks with scattered trees. Calling song and behaviour: A buzzing call that repeats about once every second. It can be described as "dada- didididididi-da... dada- didididididi-da...". The dusk call is a drawn-out version of the more usual call. Adults are wary and can be difficult to observe. They also camouflage well on tree trunks and fence posts. Most individuals occur within two metres of the ground. Similar species: Black Brigalow Buzzer, Brown Buzzer, Fishing Reel Buzzer, Bassian Buzzer, Black Acacia Buzzer, Warwick Grass Buzzer, Orange-bellied Buzzer.
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