Brown Buzzer Myopsalta crucifera (Ashton, 1912)
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Previously referred to as Cicadetta crucifera. Other name(s): Brown Sugarcane Cicada. Species number (TNS): 284. Fore wing length: 16–18 mm. Distribution and seasonality: Tropical, subtropical and sub- humid eastern Australia, east of the Great Dividing Range from Laura in northern Queensland south to Kyogle in northern New South Wales. Adults are present from September to April. Notable localities: Mount Carbine, Bundaberg, Taroom. Habitat: Open grassland, the edges of woodland, grassy forest fringes and adjacent habitats. Calling song and behaviour: Buzz phrases of one second duration emitted at a fairly high frequency and often repeated. Like many other members of the group, there is a noticeable rise in amplitude during each phrase. Singing occurs in bright sunshine. Adults are mobile and will fly without hesitation if approached. This species is a recognised pest of Sugarcane, although there have been no recent reports of crop damage. Similar species: Fishing Reel Buzzer, Fence Buzzer, Pale-bellied Grass Buzzer. database record
Currently known extent
Male (dark form — north Queensland)