Fishing Reel Buzzer Myopsalta xerograsidia Popple, 2017
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Previously referred to as Cicadetta sp. nr crucifera. Species number (TNS): 291. Fore wing length: 16–18 mm. Distribution and seasonality: Drier areas across northern Australia from northern Western Australia through the Northern Territory east to Queensland. In Queensland, it reaches coastal districts between Townsville and Ayr, and occurs north to Laura and as far southas Surat. Adults occur from October to March. Notable localities: Laura, Bowen, Clermont, Tennant Creek, Fitzroy Crossing. Habitat: Populations occur in grasslands and grassy woodlands. Calling song and behaviour: A distinctive, repeated, high- pitched, wavering buzz; like the sound of a fishing reel being wound. Adults are wary and inhabit grass, shrubs and adjacent trees in open wooded areas. They are easily observed when numbers are high. Similar species: Fence Buzzer, Brown Buzzer, Pale-bellied Grass Buzzer.
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