Warwick Grass Buzzer Myopsalta septa Popple, 2017
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Species number (TNS): 288. Fore wing length: 16–18 mm. Distribution and seasonality: Inland south-east Queensland in the area bounded approximately by Inglewood, Jandowae, Murphy’s Creek, and Killarney. Also known from Delungra in northern New South Wales. Adults occur in October and November. Notable localities: Delungra (D. & N. Emery), Warwick, Westbrook, Oakey, Gore. Habitat: This species inhabits grass and other vegetation in open fields. Calling song and behaviour: Pleasant, repeated buzzing phrases, occasionally interrupted with a slightly more drawn-out phrase. Males call from grass stems, shrubby foliage and fence posts during bright sunshine. The call is similar to Smoky Buzzer. Adults are wary and difficult to observe. Similar species: Fence Buzzer, Brown Buzzer, Fishing Reel Buzzer.
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