Black Brigalow Buzzer Myopsalta leona Popple, 2017
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Species number (TNS): 282. Fore wing length: 14–16 mm. Distribution and seasonality: From the Simpson Desert east to near Monto and the Lockyer Valley in Queensland, and south through the inland to Grenfell and Goolgowi in southern New South Wales. Adults occur from late October to mid-February. Notable localities: Goondiwindi, Binjour, Glamorgan Vale, Narrabri. Habitat: This species is usually found in Brigalow Scrub, mixed eucalypt woodland and rural parkland. Calling song and behaviour: Short (1.5 second), high-pitched buzzing phrases that rise and fall in amplitude and are interspersed with soft ticking in a similar fashion to the song of a male Bassian Buzzer. Singing occurs during periods of sunshine. The song is generally almost inaudible to the human ear. Adults sit on the stems of trees and shrubs. Similar species: Fence Buzzer, Black Acacia Buzzer, Eastern Mallee Buzzer, Bassian Buzzer. database record
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