Genus Mugadina Moulds, 2012 Grass-tickers
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Distribution:                   Subhumid and semi-arid areas throughout much of Queensland, northern New South Wales and the Northern Territory, extending to south Western Australia. Area of diversity:                Central eastern Australia, with one to two species found at most localities. Locality of highest diversity: Blackall (three species). List of species: Amber Grass-ticker Mugadina emma (Goding and Froggatt, 1904) Carbine Grass-ticker Mugadina sp. (cf. emma) Apple Grass-ticker Mugadina sp. Yellow Grass-ticker Mugadina marshalli (Distant, 1911) Little Yellow Grass-ticker Mugadina sp. (cf. marshalli) Eidsvold Grass-ticker Mugadina sp. (cf. marshalli) Rapid Grass-ticker Mugadina sp. (cf. marshalli) Rattling Grass-ticker Mugadina sp. (cf. marshalli) Tiny Grass-ticker Mugadina sp. (cf. marshalli) Arid Grass-ticker Mugadina sp. (cf. marshalli) database record
Currently known extent
Amber Grass-ticker
Eidsvold Grass-ticker
Carbine Grass-ticker
Tiny Grass-ticker
Apple Grass-ticker
Yellow Grass-ticker
Little Yellow Grass-ticker
Rapid Grass-ticker
Rattling Grass-ticker
Arid Grass-ticker