Yellow Grass-ticker Mugadina marshalli (Distant, 1911)
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Previously known as Urabunana marshalli. Species number (TNS): 304, 305, 306, 341. Fore wing length: 12–15 mm. Distribution and seasonality: Inland central eastern Australia in the area bounded by Glenden and Mitchell in Queensland and Nyngan and Singleton in New South Wales. An isolated population also occurs in central western Victoria. Adults seem to appear after rain and may occur from September to April. Notable localities: Clunes (B. Bainbridge), Coolah (D. Emery), Taroom, Glenmorgan, Chinchilla, Warwick, Wee Waa, Armidale. Habitat: Open grassland. Calling song and behaviour: Moderately-paced to fairly rapid ticking produced during periods of sunshine. Adults sit on the stems of grasses. Colour variation: Specimens in Queensland are generally a mixture of yellow and black, whereas those from New South Wales are predominantly black or orange- yellow and black. Similar species: Amber Grass-ticker, Little Yellow Grass-ticker, Eidsvold Grass-ticker. database record
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