Amber Grass-ticker Mugadina emma (Goding and Froggatt, 1904)
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Previously known as Pauropsalta emma. Species number (TNS): 308. Fore wing length: 13–15 mm. Distribution and seasonality: Inland and subcoastal areas of Queensland, from near Greenvale south to the Fassifern Valley west of Brisbane. Adults occur from October to March. Taroom, Glenmorgan, Chinchilla, Warwick, Wee Waa, Armidale, Coolah (D. Emery). Notable localities: Valley of Lagoons (G. Winterflood), Woodstock (A. Ewart), Rockhampton, Theodore, Brookstead, Hatton Vale, Boonah. Habitat: Open grassland. Calling song and behaviour: Slow, sharp, ticking. Adults sit on grass stems. Colour variation: Specimens in Queensland are generally a mixture of yellow and black, whereas those from New South Wales are predominantly black or orange-yellow and black. Similar species: Yellow Grass-ticker. database record
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