Genus Kobonga Distant, 1906 Dingers, clickers and tigers
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Distribution: Present across most areas of semi-arid and arid Australia, including Western Australia (except the Kimberley), the Northern Territory (except the Top End), South Australia, north-west Victoria, inland New South Wales and Queensland (apart from the far north). Area of diversity: Inland southern and central Queensland, with three to four species found at several localities. Locality of highest diversity: Southwood National Park (six species). List of species: Northern Robust Clicker Kobonga apicans Moulds and Kopestonsky, 2001 Western Clicker Kobonga apicata (Ashton, 1914) Callitris Clicker Kobonga sp. (cf. apicata) Kettledrum Cicada Kobonga sp. (cf. apicata) Ticking Tiger Kobonga sp. (cf. apicata) Brigalow Tiger Kobonga sp. (cf. apicata) Western Tiger Kobonga sp. (cf. apicata) Maroon Clicker Kobonga froggatti Distant, 1913 Slow Dinger Kobonga fuscomarginata (Distant, 1914) Robust Clicker Kobonga godingi (Distant, 1905) Dinger Kobonga oxleyi (Distant, 1882) Moree Dinger Kobonga sp. (cf. oxleyi) Orange Clicker Kobonga umbrimargo (Walker, 1858) (species complex) Gidyea Cicada Kobonga sp. 207 Clear-winged Brigalow Cicada Kobonga sp. 208 database record
Currently known extent
Western Clicker
Maroon Clicker
Callitris Clicker
Kettledrum Cicada
Orange Clicker
Ticking Tiger
Brigalow Tiger
Western Tiger
Slow Dinger
Robust Clicker
Gidyea Cicada
Clear-winged Brigalow Cicada