Gidyea Cicada Kobonga sp. 207
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Previously referred to as Cicadetta sp. A. Species number (TNS): 207. Fore wing length: 21–25 mm. Distribution and seasonality: Inland southern Queensland, from near Barcaldine south-west to Eromanga and south-east to near Jondaryan. Adults occur from September to February. Notable localities: Adavale, Chinchilla. Habitat: Woodland and scrubland on flats and floodplains, dominated by acacias. Calling song and behaviour: A metallic “zit”, repeated at a moderate pace and sometimes punctuated by a quick series of soft ticks. Adults sit on the upper branches of wattles, including Gidyea (Acacia cambagei), Weeping Myall (A. pendula) and Yarran (A. melvillei). Similar species: Clear-winged Brigalow Cicada.
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