Genus Parnquila Moulds, 2012 Buzzers
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Distribution: Found widely across arid and semi-arid regions of Australia. Area of diversity: Uniform across the distribution. Only a single species is known from any one locality. List of species: Cane Grass Buzzer Parnquila hillieri (Distant, 1906) Goldfields Buzzer Parnquila magna (Distant, 1913) Sandplain Cicada Parnquila sp. (cf. magna) Spinifex Buzzer Parnquila venosa (Distant, 1907) Perth Buzzer Parnquila unicolor (Ashton, 1921) Spinifex Fizzer ?Parnquila sp. 672 database record
Currently known extent
Sandplain Cicada
Perth Buzzer
Goldfields Buzzer
Spinifex Buzzer