Sandplain Cicada Parnquila sp. (cf. magna)
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Species number (TNS): 025. Fore wing length: 21–24 mm. Distribution and seasonality: Inland Queensland from the Charleville district east to near Inglewood. Isolated records also from north Eyre Peninsula (A. Stolarski) and near Swan Reach (M. Hura), and Tarawi in western New South Wales (D. Egan). Adults are present from November to February. Notable localities: Beardmore Dam, Alton National Park, Charleville. Habitat: Grassy woodland, open shrubland and grassland on sandplains. Populations are somewhat localised. Calling song and behaviour: A simple buzzing call, emitted in short bursts, or a more random stuttering call. Adults sit on grass and on small trees and shrubs. Similar species: None; a distinctive species. database record
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