Genus Drymopsalta Ewart, 2005 Heath-buzzers
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Distribution: The Top End of the Northern Territory and from Cape York Peninsula, Carnarvon Gorge and Bundaberg in Queensland south to the south coast of New South Wales, with other occurrences in parts of Western Australia and south-east South Australia. Area of diversity: Only a single species is known from any one locality. List of species: Top End Heath-buzzer Drymopsalta acrotela Ewart and Popple, 2013 Cape York Heath-buzzer Drymopsalta crepitum Ewart, 2005 Brown Heath-buzzer Drymopsalta daemeli (Distant, 1905) Inglewood Heath-buzzer Drymopsalta hobsoni Ewart and Popple, 2013 Wallum Heath-buzzer Drymopsalta wallumi Ewart and Popple, 2013 database record
Currently known extent
Brown Heath-buzzer
Wallum Heath-buzzer
Inglewood Heath-buzzer
Top End Heath-buzzer
Cape York Heath-buzzer