Wallum Heath-buzzer Drymopsalta wallumi Ewart and Popple, 2013
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Species number (TNS): 318. Fore wing length: 11–13 mm. Distribution and seasonality: Restricted to coastal areas of south-east Queensland and north-eastern New South Wales from Bundaberg south to Caloundra and from Hollywell south to Evans Head. Adults occur from September to January. Notable localities: Woodgate National Park, Tinnanbar, Bokarina (A. Ewart), Runaway Bay. Habitat: Coastal wallum heathland, where populations appear to be associated with Leptospermum. Calling song and behaviour: A soft, high-pitched, chirping call. Only astute listeners with good hearing will be capable of detecting this species. Adults sit on the stems of heath shrubs. Similar species: Cape York Heath-buzzer, Inglewood Heath-buzzer, Brown Heath-buzzer.
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