Top End Heath-buzzer Drymopsalta acrotela Ewart and Popple, 2013
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Species number (TNS): 623. Fore wing length: 10–13 mm. Distribution and seasonality: Restricted to the Top End of the Northern Territory where it is known from Litchfield National Park east to the north-eastern section of Kakadu National Park. Adults occur during November. Notable localities: Buley Rockhole, Tolmer Falls, East Alligator River. Habitat: Associated with shrubby Callitrix woodland on sandstone. Calling song and behaviour: A long high-pitched buzz followed by a series of chirps, with each chirp followed by a sharp, barely discernable, “tick”. Inglewood Heath-buzzer has a call that sounds identical, but it occurs in southern Queensland. Adults sit on the branches and stems of Callitrix. Only people with particularly good hearing will be capable of detecting the call of this species. Similar species: Inglewood Heath-buzzer, Brown Heath-buzzer. database record
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