Green Heath-buzzer Pericallea sp. 232
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Species number (TNS): 232. Fore wing length: 11–14 mm. Distribution and seasonality: Eastern Queensland, from the Blackdown Tableland and Woodgate south of Bundaberg, coastally south to the Moreton Bay islands near Brisbane. It is also known from an isolated population at Gibraltar Range between Grafton and Glen Innes in northern New South Wales. Adults have been observed from September through until March. Notable localities: Cooloola National Park, Noosa, Bribie Island. Habitat: Populations are typically found in association with low-growing Rutaceae shrubs, such as Phebalium spp. and Boronia spp. growing in wallum heathland and as an understorey to open forest in Queensland and montane heathland in New South Wales. Calling song and behaviour: High-pitched, with a long buzz followed by a chirping sequence. Only astute listeners with good hearing will be capable of detecting this species. Adults sit on the stems of heath shrubs. Similar species: Superficially similar to Broad striped Wattle Cicada Ewartia oldfieldi. database record
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