Genus Clinopsalta Moulds, 2012 Acacia cicadas
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Distribution: Widespread, from Western Australia, in the vicinity of the Great Sandy Desert and the Goldfields region, through central and southern parts of the Northern Territory and most of South Australia and east into Queensland, New South Wales and northern and central Victoria. Area of diversity: Western Queensland. Locality of highest diversity: Cravens Peak (A. Ewart) (two members of the Clinopsalta tigris species complex). List of species: Murray Acacia Cicada Clinopsalta adelaida (Ashton, 1914) Ferny Acacia Cicada Clinopsalta autumna Popple and Emery, 2017 Small Acacia Cicada Clinopsalta tigris (Ashton, 1914) Yellow-spotted Brigalow Cicada Clinopsalta sp. (cf. tigris) Semilunata Cicada Clinopsalta semilunata Popple and Emery, 2017 database record
Currently known extent
Murray Acacia Cicada
Ferny Acacia Cicada
Small Acacia Cicada
Yellow-spotted Brigalow Cicada
Semilunata Cicada