Murray Acacia Cicada Clinopsalta adelaida (Ashton, 1914)
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Previously referred to as Cicadetta adelaida. Species number (TNS): 213. Fore wing length: 21–26 mm. Distribution and seasonality: South-eastern South Australia from Port Augusta south through the Greater Adelaide region and along the Murray River east into central Victoria. Also recorded in New South Wales from Wyalong north to the near Moree . Adults occur from October to February. Notable localities: Pilliga State Forest (D. Emery), Wyalong, Murray Bridge, Inglewood (Victoria), Adelaide. Habitat: Open woodland, mallee and shrubland. Calling song and behaviour: A distinctive call with a whirring, ratchet-like introduction, which then culminates into fast chirping with bouts of wing- clicking. Adults sit on the inner branches and stems of shrubs and small trees. Similar species: Mallee Chirper, Ferny Acacia Cicada. database record
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