Ferny Acacia Cicada Clinopsalta autumna Popple and Emery, 2017
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Species number (TNS): 214. Fore wing length: 21–25 mm. Distribution and seasonality: From Bauple near Maryborough south to Berry in New South Wales. Adults occur from early September to January. Notable localities: Toowoomba, Kholo, Cunningham’s Gap, Woodenbong, Prospect. Habitat: Middle storey of open forest, in association with wattles (particularly A. irrorata and A. parramattensis) and also regrowth acacia thickets. Calling song and behaviour: Commences with a vigorous rattling introduction then continues with rapid chirping and more complex chirping and clicking with bouts of wing- snapping. A simplified version of the call is produced at dusk. Adults sit on the stems of acacias. Similar species: Murray Acacia Cicada.
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