Stirling Squawker Pauropsalta juncta Owen and Moulds, 2016
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Species number (TNS):                          875. Fore wing length:                                 18–21 mm. Distribution and seasonality:             Restricted to the south-west of Western Australia from the Stirling Ranges and near Archer River. Adults have been found during January. Notable localities:                               Stirling Ranges (Simon lab). Habitat:                                                  Eucalypt forest. Calling song and behaviour:                     Regular buzzing phrases with a rattling introduction and a ‘twang’ at the end, each with a duration of ~1.0 second. Males call from the upper branches of tall eucalypts. Similar species:                                   Subcoastal Squawker, Southwestern Bark Squeaker, Seismic Squawker, Oven Squawker
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