South-western Bark Squeaker Atrapsalta dolens (Walker, 1850)
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Species number (TNS):                          429. Fore wing length:                                 13–16 mm. Distribution and seasonality:             Mostly coastal, but with sporadic inland records from throughout the south-west of Western Australia (south from Kalbarri and west from Israelite Bay). Adults occur from September to February. Notable localities:                         Eneabba, Kings Park, Bremer Bay (R. MacSloy). Habitat:                                                  Heathland and open woodland. Calling song and behaviour:                 A distinctive, slow “dit-dyerr, dit- dyerr”. Adults sit in the foliage of heath shrubs and occasionally on grasses. Similar species:                             Unique in south-west Western Australia. Superficially similar to Small Bark Squeaker (species complex). database record
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