Genus Pauropsalta Goding and Froggatt, 1904 Squawkers
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Distribution:                   Temperate southern, arid central and monsoonal northern mainland Australia. Apparently absent from the eastern subtropics. Area of diversity:                Top End of the Northern Territory: two species at many localities. Locality of highest diversity: Litchfield National Park. List of species: Lively Squawker Pauropsalta accola Owen and Moulds, 2016 Top End Frog Squawker Pauropsalta adelphe Owen and Moulds, 2016 Kimberley Frog Squawker Pauropsalta agasta Owen and Moulds, 2016 Little Orange Squawker Pauropsalta borealis Goding and Froggatt, 1904 (species complex) Flinders Squawker Pauropsalta castanea Goding and Froggatt, 1904 Seismic Squawker Pauropsalta confinis Owen and Moulds, 2016 Small Mallee Squawker Pauropsalta conflua Owen and Moulds, 2016 Oven Squawker Pauropsalta contigua Owen and Moulds, 2016 Paperbark Tree-clicker Pauropsalta elgneri (Ashton, 1912) Herberton Squawker Pauropsalta ewarti Owen and Moulds, 2016 Slender Squawker Pauropsalta extensa  Goding and Froggatt, 1904 Typewriter Pauropsalta extrema (Distant, 1892) Herveys Range Squawker Pauropsalta herveyensis Owen and Moulds, 2016 Tropical Orange Squawker Pauropsalta infrasila Moulds, 1987 Large Mallee Squawker Pauropsalta infuscata (Goding and Froggatt, 1904) Stirling Squawker Pauropsalta juncta Owen and Moulds, 2016 Kathy’s Squawker Pauropsalta katherina Owen and Moulds, 2016 River Galloper Pauropsalta  kriki Owen and Moulds, 2016 Strident Sqawker Pauropsalta melanopygia  (Germar, 1834) Alarm Clock Squawker Pauropsalta mneme (Walker, 1850) Fairy Dust Squawker Pauropsalta opaca Ewart, 1989 Slender Squawker Pauropsalta prolongata Goding and Froggatt, 1904 Kimberley Squawker Pauropsalta similis Owen and Moulds, 2016 Pilbara Squawker Pauropsalta sinavilla Owen and Moulds, 2016 Normanton Squawker Pauropsalta walkeri Moulds and Owen, 2011 database record
Currently known extent
Little Orange Squawker
Tropical Orange Squawker
Flinders Squawker
River Galloper
Fairy Dust Squawker
Kimberley Squawker
Large Mallee Squawker
Strident Squawker
Alarm Clock Squawker
Top End Frog Squawker
Small Mallee Squawker
Herberton Squawker
Slender Squawker
Kathy’s Squawker
Pilbara Squawker
Lively Squawker
Stirling Squawker
Oven Squawker
Seismic Squawker