Genus Tamasa Distant, 1905 Bunyips
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Distribution: Eastern Australia, from Cape York Peninsula south to Ulladulla. Area of diversity: North-eastern Australia, with up to three species found at several localities. Locality of highest diversity: Kuranda (four species). List of species: Two-toned Bunyip Tamasa burgessi (Distant, 1905) Boulder Bunyip Tamasa caverna Moulds and Olive, 2014 Dodd’s Bunyip Tamasa doddi (Goding and Froggatt, 1904) Green Bunyip Tamasa rainbowi Ashton, 1912 Brown Bunyip Tamasa tristigma (Germar, 1834) (species complex) database record
Currently known extent
Eastern Bunyip (species complex)
Green Bunyip
Dodd’s Bunyip
Dodd’s Bunyip