Dodd’s Bunyip Tamasa doddi (Goding and Froggatt, 1904)
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Species number (TNS): 128. Fore wing length: 27–39 mm. Distribution and seasonality: On the coast of tropical Queensland from north of Cooktown south to Innisfail and inland to the Atherton Tableland. Adults occur from October to May. Notable localities: Julatten, Smithfield, Kuranda, Mareeba, Gordonvale. Habitat: Rainforest, riverine forest, swamp forest, parkland and gardens. Calling song and behaviour: A long buzz ending in a distinctive short stutter. Males also produce a more vigorous call comprising short repeated buzz phrases, each punctuated by a series of ticks. Adults sit on the main trunks of trees, often in local aggregations. Random distress calls are often produced when a male start calling too close to other males. Similar species: Ingham Bunyip, Eastern Bunyip (species complex), Boulder Bunyip. database record
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