Genus Haemopsalta Owen and Moulds, 2016 Red squeakers
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Distribution: Eastern mainland Australia and central Tasmania. Area of diversity: Coastal southern Queensland and central New South Wales where up to two species occur at a few localities. List of species: Beach Squeaker Haemopsalta aktites (Ewart, 1989) Dharug Squeaker Haemopsalta eximia Emery and Emery, 2021 Sunray Squeaker Haemopsalta flammeata Owen and Moulds, 2016 Tasmanian Squeaker Haemopsalta georgina Owen and Moulds, 2016 Red Squeaker Haemopsalta rubea (Goding and Froggatt, 1904) database record
Currently known extent
Beach Squeaker
Red Squeaker
Tasmanian Squeaker
Dharug Squeaker
Sunray Squeaker