Beach Squeaker Haemopsalta aktites (Ewart, 1989)
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Species number (TNS): 402. Fore wing length: 14–17 mm. Distribution and seasonality: Found from Great Keppel Island, central Queensland, south to Congo on the New South Wales coast. Adults occur from September to May. Notable localities: Mon Repos, Bribie Island, Nudgee Beach, Gerroa. Habitat: This species usually occurs within 50m of the beach in association with Coastal She-oak (Casuarina equisetifolia). It is sometimes also found on dune grasses and mangroves. Calling song and behaviour: Similar to Red Squeaker, but more drawn-out and metallic, with 1–2 distinct short chirps followed by a long note; monotonously repeated. Adults are wary and highly mobile. Similar species: Red Squeaker. database record
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