Olive Vine Buzzer Myopsalta umbra Popple, 2017
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Species number (TNS): 280. Fore wing length: 15–17 mm. Distribution and seasonality: Scattered populations occur from Mt Moffatt and near Theodore south to near Boonah in southern Queensland. Occurrences are highly localised, with adults being present between October and January. Notable localities: Isla Gorge, Hurdle Gully, Yarraman State Forest. Habitat: This species occurs only in relatively undisturbed areas of semi-ephemeral vine thicket, a specialised type of dry vine scrub that may include Brigalow (Acacia harpophylla). It is scattered throughout areas of suitable habitat and is not common and very difficult to observe. Adults often sit in amongst tangles of vines. Calling song and behaviour: A short (1–2 second) buzz phrase followed by a tick. This is repeated every few seconds. Its behaviour is similar to other Myopsalta species. Similar species: Fence Buzzer, Brown Buzzer, Warwick Grass Buzzer, Bassian Buzzer.
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