Lesser Bottle Cicada Chlorocysta vitripennis (Westwood, 1851)
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Species number (TNS): 575. Fore wing length: 19–26 mm. Distribution and seasonality: Coastal and subcoastal high rainfall areas from Bundaberg in Queensland south to Taree in New South Wales. A small population is also reputedly known from Sydney and it may have been accidentally introduced. Adults may appear as early as late August and regularly are present from September to May. Notable localities: North-western suburbs of Brisbane, Cooroy, Mt Tamborine, Tallebudgera Valley, Dorrigo. Habitat: Lesser Bottle Cicada inhabits areas of coastal and mountain rainforest. It also occurs among leafy understorey in wet sclerophyll forests. In the extensive areas where these habitats have been cleared, populations of this species persist in remnant pockets of vegetation, in regrowth and among weeds (including Lantana and Privet). They also occur in leafy gardens. Adults sit on the foliage and outer branches of leafy vegetation. They rarely occur on tree trunks. Calling song and behaviour: Males produce a drawn-out buzzing whistle; they sing in unison. Once an individual male begins to call, others are prompted to start calling. When many males are present, the sound sustains in the form of a large wave through the vegetation and this may continue over large distances, across hillsides etc. Males are often prompted to begin calling by the sound of passing vehicles, especially trucks. During sunny conditions the call of an individual male last for approximately 30 seconds. On overcast days and as dusk approaches an individual’s call will typically have a considerably longer duration. A female will attract a male by producing audible wing-flicks at the cessation of the male’s call. Little observation has been made of such behaviour in this species. Colour variation: Females with entirely red body coloration are encountered on rare occasions. Specimens may fade to a yellow or yellow-brown after death. Similar species: Small Bottle Cicada, Large Bottle Cicada (species complex), Vine- scrub Bottle Cicada.
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