Small Bottle Cicada Chlorocysta sp. (cf. vitripennis)
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Species number (TNS): 574. Fore wing length: 19–25 mm. Distribution and seasonality: Sporadic along the coastal and subcoastal areas from near Jimna in south-east Queensland south to the Queensland and New South Wales border region. Adults occur from September to April, with occasional individuals emerging in August or persisting until May. Notable localities: Brookfield, St Lucia, Mt Gravatt, Mt Tamborine. Habitat: Small Bottle Cicada occurs primarily in small pockets of rainforest vegetation in gullies or along stream lines in areas that are otherwise surrounded by sclerophyll forest. Localised populations can also be found where rainforest occurs on plateaus and along streams within rainforest. It is sometimes a common, but patchy species in the western, eastern and southern suburbs of Brisbane, where it occurs in some leafy gardens. To the south and west of Brisbane, there are a small number of localities where it occurs alongside Lesser Bottle Cicada in the same habitat. Adults sit on the foliage and outer branches of leafy vegetation, including weeds such as Lantana. Calling song and behaviour: Males produce a brief “scream”. One group of males will all call in unison, followed by separate choruses from several spatially discrete groups until it becomes time for the original group to call again. Bouts of calling are most frequent during sunny morning and afternoons. During overcast conditions and at dusk calling is often more sporadic (cf. Lesser Bottle Cicada). A female will attract a male by producing audible wing-flicks at the cessation of the male’s call. Little observation has been made of such behaviour in this species. Males have been observed to sporadically produce a soft and brief buzz during mating. A reason for this behaviour remains elusive. Colour variation: Live specimens are mainly uniform green. Specimens may fade to yellow or yellow-brown after death. Similar species: Lesser Bottle Cicada, Large Bottle Cicada (species complex), Vine- scrub Bottle Cicada.
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