Vine-scrub Bottle Cicada Chlorocysta sp. (cf. vitripennis)
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Species number (TNS): 476. Fore wing length: 19–24 mm. Distribution and seasonality: Presently known only from the Monto-Kalpowar region, and an isolated population in the Barakula State Forest near Chinchilla. All known records are from the summer months; however, this is a poorly known species. Notable localities: Barakula State Forest (A. Ewart), Monto. Habitat: In the Monto region, this species is associated with remnant patches of vine scrub occurring on limestone. It is likely to have suffered from loss of habitat associated with vegetation clearing and appears to be patchy and uncommon. In the Barakula State Forest, a localized population was found in association with Emu Apple (Owenia acidula). Adults sit among the foliage and smaller branches. Calling song and behaviour: A bout of calling comprises several discrete “screams” produced in succession. Males produce more bouts of calling during sunny conditions. Each bout is relatively brief. Females are presumed to attract males by production of a wing flick between each discrete “scream” burst; however, this has yet to be observed. Colour variation: None known. Specimens may fade to a yellow-brown after death. Similar species: Small Bottle Cicada, Large Bottle Cicada (species complex), Lesser Bottle Cicada.
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