Red Belly Gymnotympana varicolor (Distant, 1907)
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Previously referred to as Baeturia varicolor. Species number (TNS): 554. Fore wing length: 20–29 mm. Distribution and seasonality: From north of Cooktown south to near Ingham and inland to the Atherton Tableland in northeastern Queensland. Two other populations occur further north at Coen and on the tip of Cape York. Adults occur throughout the year, but are most prevalent between October and May. Notable localities: Kuranda, Gordonvale, Mission Beach. Habitat: Tropical rainforest. Calling song and behaviour: A series of three of many more clicks, uttered in rapid succession: "ratatat ratatat ratatatatatatatatatat". Adults sit in the foliage of rainforest vegetation. Colour variation: Colour varies significantly between individuals, from most being predominantly green to some being almost completely bright red. Green specimens typically fade to yellow-brown after death. Red specimens often lose some of their vivid lustre. Similar species: Crimson Belly, Green Ghost (species complex). database record
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