Thin-striped Wattle Cicada Ewartia roberti Popple, 2017
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Species number (TNS): 231. Fore wing length: 19–27 mm. Distribution and seasonality: South-eastern Queensland and northern New South Wales from near Bundaberg south to near Macksville and inland to near Miles and Warrumbungle National Park. Adults occur from September to April. Notable localities: Toowoomba, Brisbane suburbs. Habitat: Adults occur in the middle to lower storey of open forest, in association with wattles (Acacia sp.). They also occur in revegetated traffic islands and in gardens. Calling song and behaviour: Prolonged phrases (up to 37 seconds duration) with a long buildup and a climax with several long chirps followed by an extended note. Also a series of buzzing notes/ long chirps (dominant at dusk). Adults sit on the trunks, branches and outer stems of wattles (Acacia sp.) where they remain relatively static. Similar species: Broad-striped Wattle Cicada, Inland Wattle Cicada, Shrub Wattle Cicada.
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