Golden Brown Bullet Tryella ochra Moulds, 2003
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Species number (TNS): 528. Fore wing length: 21–26 mm. Distribution and seasonality: Tropical northern Queensland from Mount Molloy north to Coen and the Gulf of Carpentaria from near Georgetown in Queensland west to near Caper Crawford in the Northern Territory. Adults occur from December to February. Notable localities: Palmer River, Burketown, Borroloola. Habitat: Riverine eucalypt woodland. Calling song and behaviour: A hissing call produced at intervals during the day and at dusk. Adults sit on the upper branches and stems of trees, especially eucalypts. Similar species: Small Rusty Bullet, Brown Bullet, Whispering Bullet.
Male – Cape York form database record
Currently known extent
Recording provided by A. Ewart
Male – Gulf of Carpentaria form