Genus Illyria Moulds, 1985 Rattlers
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Distribution: Tropical, sub-humid and semi-arid Australia, including much of Queensland, the Northern Territory and the northern third of Western Australia. Area of diversity: Northern Australia, with one to two species found at most localities. List of species: Semi-arid Rattler Illyria australensis (Kirkaldy, 1909) Litchfield Rattler Illyria sp. (cf. australensis) Drysdale Rattler Illyria sp. (cf. australensis) Rattler Illyria burkei (Goding and Froggatt, 1904) (species complex) Buzzing Rattler Illyria sp. (cf. burkei) Northern Rattler Illyria hilli (Ashton, 1921) Desert Rattler Illyria major Moulds, 1985. database record
Currently known extent
Buzzing Rattler
Northern Rattler
Litchfield Rattler