Sydney Treetop Ticker Yoyetta hunterorum (Moulds, 1988)
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Previously referred to as Cicadetta hunterorum. Species number (TNS): 503. Fore wing length: 20–30 mm. Distribution and seasonality: From the Gosford area in central New South Wales, south to eastern Victoria. Adults occur from October to February. Notable localities: Avoca Beach, Kuring-Gai Chase National Park (B. Smith), Royal National Park (D. Emery and B. Smith), Garie Beach (D. Emery). Habitat: Coastal eucalypt forest and adjacent parkland. Calling song and behaviour: A series of clicks, produced at a variable rate whilst stationary and in flight. Adults sit on the main trunks and upper branches of eucalypts. Similar species: Brown Firetail, Black Firetail, Victorian Firetail. database record
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