Brown Firetail Yoyetta timothyi Emery, Emery and Popple, 2019
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Male (brown form)
Species number (TNS): 509. Fore wing length: 24–34 mm. Distribution and seasonality: From Kroombit Tops in central Queensland south to near Moruya in New South Wales and Canberra in the Australian Capital Territory. Adults may occur from as early as late September through to February. Notable localities: Mt Mee, Tamborine Mountain, Cunningham’s Gap, Gibraltar Range, Ku-ring-Gai Chase National Park, Berry, Black Mountain (Canberra). Habitat: Wet sclerophyll forest, open forest with heath and temperate woodland. Calling song and behaviour: Low frequency, repeated "zop, zop, zop, zop, zop, zop", mainly emitted whilst in flight. Singing can occur throughout the day and also during moonlit nights. Males rest high on the upper branches of trees. Females sometimes occur in shrubs and low trees. Colour variation: Two colour forms exist: (1) brown with orange fore wing basal membranes, and (2) black with yellow-white fore wing basal membranes. The black from is restricted to cool temperate areas. Similar species: Black Firetail. database record
Currently known extent
Female (black form)
Female (brown form)
Male (black form)