Black Firetail Yoyetta denisoni Distant, 1893)
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Previously referred to as Cicadetta denisoni. Species number (TNS): 510. Fore wing length: 28–35 mm. Distribution and seasonality: From the Gibraltar Range in northern New South Wales south along the ranges and coast (south from Sydney) through the Australian Capital Territory to the Southern Highlands and South Coast of New South Wales. There is also an isolated record from Kevington in Victoria (S. & T. Corbin) and it is likely under- recorded in Victoria. It is an uncommon species in Sydney. Adults occur from late November to January. Notable localities: Blue Mountains National Park, Canberra, Thredbo. Habitat: Temperate eucalypt forest and subalpine woodland. Calling song and behaviour: A rapidly-emitted series of short phrases “zot-zot-zot-zot- zot” produced in flight. Females can occasionally be found sitting quietly on eucalypts and other vegetation. At times it is a moderately common species, but the males are difficult to observe due to their active nature. Colour variation: Females occur in two colour forms: (1) black with red fore wing basal membranes (as per male), and (2) brown with pink fore wing basal membranes. Similar species: Brown Firetail, Victorian Firetail. database record
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Female (brown form)