Genus Crotopsalta Ewart, 2005 Tickers
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Distribution: Subtropical and subhumid Queensland, inland northern New South Wales and the eastern edge of central Northern Territory. Area of diversity: Only a single species occurs at any one locality. List of species: Eastern Ticker Crotopsalta fronsecetes Ewart, 2005 Wilga Ticker Crotopsalta plexis Ewart, 2005 Rapid Ticker Crotopsalta strenulum Ewart, 2005 Cloncurry Ticker Crotopsalta poaecetes Ewart, 2005 Cravens Peak Ticker Crotopsalta leptotigris Ewart, 2009 database record
Currently known extent
Eastern Ticker
Wilga Ticker
Rapid Ticker
Cloncurry Ticker