Small Mallee Squawker Pauropsalta conflua Owen and Moulds, 2016
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Species number (TNS): 652. Fore wing length: 14–22 mm. Distribution and seasonality: Western Australia, from Ravensthorpe and Hyden east to Cape Arid National Park and north to Kalgoorlie, with an (?)isolated population at Madura. Also recorded from east of Tailem Bend in South Australia. Adults occur from December to February. Notable localities: Madura (Simon lab). Habitat: Mallee eucalypt woodland. Calling song and behaviour: Strident phrases, commencing with a short double-chirp immediately followed by a buzz and ending with another chirp. The phrases are emitted at a rate of ~0.5–1.0 per second. Males call from the branches of mallee eucalypts. Similar species: Lively Squawker, Southwestern Bark Squeaker, Seismic Squawker, Oven Squawker.
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