Oven Squawker Pauropsalta contigua Owen and Moulds, 2016
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Species number (TNS): 878. Fore wing length: 16–21 mm. Distribution and seasonality: Western Australia, in a narrow band west from the South Australian border to Cue. Also known from far northern central South Australia and from near Sherlock (A. Stolarski) and Minnipa (Simon lab) in southern South Australia. Adults occur from December to March. Notable localities: Madura (Simon lab), near Menzies. Habitat: Mallee eucalypt woodland. Calling song and behaviour: A long buzz, followed by a series of rapid chirping phrases. Males call from the main trunks and branches of mallee eucalypts. Similar species: Lively Squawker, Southwestern Bark Squeaker, Seismic Squawker.
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